(1) Manage Foreign Currency loan(Trade financing, Working Capital Tender Loan, Bridge Loan).

(2) Establish correspondent Banking.

(3) Supervise interbank deposit and placement.

(4) Supervise interbank loan transactions and reports.

(5) Manage the update daily FX  report to CBM.

(5) Foreign currency and Treasury Management.

(6) Money changer transactions.

(7) Checking for TT Inward, Outward Remittance Transactions.

(8) Supervise Import& Export L/C transactions.

(9) Manage shipping Guarantee Transactions.

(10) Manage and supervise daily operation.

Desired Skills:

(1) Any Graduate (Bachelor or Master Degree)

(2) Under 45 years old.

(3) IT literate is preferable.

(4) At least 5+ years of experience in International Banking Industry or Trade Financial Instituations.

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